Coptologia Journal is committed to providing the world with research articles dealing mainly with flexible branches of Coptic heritage. Since its inception in January 1981, twenty volumes of Coptologia Journal were produced. Items are characterized by extensive studies dealing with segments ranging from Pharaonisms in Coptic art and archeology to currents of thought on Coptic Orthodox theology. Coptologia has attracted the attention of readers of neglected chapters in the annals of Christianity by analyzing textual sources and papyrology and cultural sources of the New Testament, the ancient city of Coptos, codices and scrolls, Coptic Apocrypha controversy Filique, missionaries Mimarology Coptic studies manuscripts and rare books. 

With such a  spectrum of wealth, Coptologia easily gained acclaimed status among the international journals of theology. Orthodox doctrines were clarified, tensions between the sister Churches were mitigated and light has been shed on a gross misinterpretation of Coptic fundamental pre-occupations by Western theologians and religious communities.Coptologia opened horizons and investigated purely theological and doctrinal issues which would otherwise have been misunderstood or lost. With the increasing number of Copts who emigrated to the United States, Australia, Canada and Europe, it became a matter of necessity to provide information on the environment of Coptic civilization, history, spirituality and deep-rooted traditions.

Publications include Coptologia: (a) The Coptic Orthodox Mass and the Liturgy of St. Basil, (b) Horologion (al-Agbeya): The Book of Seven Daylight and night canonical prayers (in English and Arabic verse) ( c) An investigation into the essence of the Apocalypse Soul, (d) A Source Book of Alexandrine Orthodoxy: A glossary English and Latin, Greek and Coptic, (e) the general outlook on the works of the Father. Matthew the Poor: An analytical study of his spiritual treasury, and (f) Selected Hymns and Lauds (Madayih) of the Coptic Orthodox Church.

Our Mission

Investigate the rich heritage, copto-pharaonic traditions of the Copts to fill a gap that is deeply felt by Coptologists, Middle East scholars and Egyptologists. The main objective is to increase awareness of a vital area that has long been minimized or neglected  especially in the West.

To this end, serious efforts were made to reach a wide audience without sacrificing integrity.

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