Have you ever wondered where all the Coptic Orthodox churches and monasteries are? CopticFind will populate a map of the earth from our extensive repository acting as a portal to your maps app. As you explore the coptic world, we believe you will be amazed at some of the locations!
Value add:
1. Real-time access to external data repository. Means you will always be accessing our most recently updated set of addresses, phone numbers, websites – without re-installing the latest version of CopticFind! Search engines return less than 65% of what is in our repository.
2. Localized distance calculation using the curvature of the earth at sea level. Means you get an idea of the distance to the address you are looking at before launching your favourite navigation app. Distance decimals, commas, spaces will be in the format matching the region setup on your iphone.
3. One-touch dialing and website access. Means the phone number being displayed is ‘clickable’, along with the website URL.
4. Address book synchronization. Means you can add the information you are looking at to an existing Contact, or create a new Contact app entry.
5. Obtain directions to/from the address shown. Means you are leaving our app to get directions from your navigation app.
6. Coptic icon and host nation delimited. Means we display an icon representing the most common Coptic Orthodox patron saints relative to the destination name, along with a picture of the flag where this destination resides.
7. Your triangulated location result. Means we use GPS, wireless routers or wireless carrier transmitters to determine your current latitude, longitude in degrees and altitude in metres.
8. ‘Span’ setting configurable from .1° to 20 °. Means you can set the zoom depicted on the initial Coptic Map screen (in the iphone Settings app under CopticFind).
9. Maps app and Navigon support. Means you can launch to either app for directions, depending on which one is installed on your iphone.
10. Multi-lingual user interface. Means our screens support the following languages – Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Swedish on your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.


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