Volume XII (paperback)


Coptologia Journal Volume XII (paperback format)


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This issue features the theological dialogue between the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches which have been kept apart since the Chalcedonies polemics of 451.
The paper of Fr. Tadros Malaty underlines the deep religious, historical and political roots of this bitter cleavage.
In an elaborately documented argument Bishop Gregorios emphasizes the significance of the Council of Constantinople (381) in so far as it marks the end of the Arian controversy and the completion of the formula of our Nicene Creed with regard to the doctrine of the Trinity and its ratification.
The open questions of Professor Kannengiesser have brought to light fresh vistas in relation to Athanasian scholarship.  There is need to shift our attention from “obscure and doubtful contextual issues” to the “bishop’s pastoral and spiritual journey”.
In “the Copts and their Language”, Professor Maher traces the evolution of the Coptic language and elaborates on the race of the Copts.
The paper on the “Filioque controversy” between the Byzantine and Western Churches makes it clear that the double procession of the Holy Spirit opposes Biblical teaching, the Ecumenical Councils, the Didaskalia and the tradition of the Church.
In the “Mystery of Divine Revelation” Professor Ishak, after exploring the symbolic distinction between the world of nature, and the world of the spirit indicates that the real depths of divine life are rooted in the Holy Trinity.
Adel el-Minshawy traces the Pharaonic and Byzantine influence on Coptic art.

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